Velvet Deer Antler Extracts

Deer Antler Velvet Demand On The Rise

People use deer velvet as medicine for a wide range of health problems.

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Clinical Research and Chemical Analysis

The use of velvet antlers as a supplement and as a medicine was first supported by clinical studies and research conducted in 1980. Scientists in Russia researched its composition and other properties and have provided compelling scientific evidence of its health and medical benefits. This claim was also supported by other clinical studies and research conducted in other countries such as New Zealand, Canada, China, Japan, and Korea. Team of experts from these countries found that velvet antler is composed of many important compounds that can be very beneficial not just in promoting health, but also in the treatment of many illnesses. Based on research and chemical analysis, these deer antler velvet ingredients helps the body in various forms such as:

  • Protects bones, teeth, and muscle contraction
  • Protects cartilage from destructive enzymes
  • Helps bind joints together
  • Good for muscles and nerves
  • Helps in cell restoration and in releasing energy
  • Helps in building cells and in boosting energy
  • Helps in metabolic reaction
  • Provides anti-inflammatory compound
  • Regulates blood clotting
  • Protects lung, heart, and liver
  • Helps in reducing infections
  • Enhances mood

There are over 250 published articles worldwide on the research and study of velvet antlers. And as these studies and research continues, it will further validate its safety and efficacy.

FDA Approved

In the US, deer antler velvet is never classified as dangerous drug or substance. It is FDA approved for general consumption and is proven to be safe as production and manufacture is under USDA supervision. However, public are still advised to be very careful in choosing a product to avoid fake brands that may be harmful to your health. Always make sure that you purchase only those U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved products from a reliable and trusted source.


Since 2000 years ago, deer antler velvet is believed to enhance energy and vitality that’s why it’s called a tonic substance. Today, it’s considered as an adaptogen or a substance that helps your body to adapt to heat or cold, trauma, stress, sleep deprivation, exertion, or infection. An adaptogen doesn’t also have serious side effects and is very effective in the treatment of wide variety of ailments.

On the basis of various clinical research and studies, deer antler velvet contains ingredients and organisms that provides therapeutic and enhancement benefits. Reports show improved muscle growth and improved health for many individuals, which has been supported with a lot of testimonials and positive reviews of deer antler velvet regular use. Its efficacy, however, will not be the same for every individual as it still depends on several other factors such as your age or your health.