Velvet Deer Antler Extracts

Deer Antler Velvet Demand On The Rise

People use deer velvet as medicine for a wide range of health problems.

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Prevent Enlargement of the Prostate with Velvet Deer Antler

As men age, one of their most common complaints is enlarged prostate. By the age 60 and above, almost 50% of men experience some, if not most, of the symptoms of enlarged prostate. And by the time they reach 80 years old, most men experience almost all of the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Why Prostate Gets Enlarged?

Although it’s not known yet why enlarged prostate occurs, it is believed that it involves the presence of DHT or the dihydrotestosterone hormone in the blood. DHT is the hormone that helps prostate to grow in its initial stage. However, if your body continued to produce this hormone, studies show that your prostate could still continue to grow even after it has already reached its full size, thus, causing your prostate to enlarge. Studies also show genetics and estrogen as other causes of an enlarged prostate.

Treatment Options

The size of your prostate does not necessarily mean that your condition is severe. Because enlargement may actually be caused by various factors such as cancer or infection, it is important to see and consult your doctor to know your condition. There are different methods that your doctor may use to treat an enlarged prostate – either with a medicine or a surgery. Both methods showed great results, but there are also some products made which are made from natural ingredients that help in preventing your prostate gland to continue to grow.

Deer velvet antler is a 2000-year old medicine first used in China as natural medicine. Today, it is by far the most popular and the most recognized natural treatment to treat enlarged prostate. It is believed that a regular use of velvet antler relieves symptoms of an enlarged prostate and improves urinary flow. This allows a complete bladder “clean-up”, thus, reducing inflammation of your bladder and enlargement of your prostate.

Velvet Antler and Prostate Cancer

If an enlarged prostate is due to cancer, deer velvet antler may still be very effective. In one of the clinical studies and research conducted in the US, researchers found that IGF-1 is not associated with a person’s increased PSA levels. Research shows (published in International Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine) that prostate cancer in men is not related to an increased IGF-1 level, but mostly due to an increase in age. Truth is, IGF-1 reduces PSA levels; therefore, use of products containing it is relatively safe.

Deer velvet antler contains IGF-1. Some individuals were asked to take the said product to see if it heightens cancer. Good news is: it did not. Among the individuals who were given velvet antler, no one reported any case of cancer; instead, it demonstrated stimulating and powerful effect on the immune system. It actually showed that the supplement decreased above 50 PSA level down to 0-4, which is the normal range. This brings natural production of the immune cells, which are capable of destroying and killing possible cancer cells.


It certainly is difficult to have an enlarged prostate. For this reason, have yours immediately checked by your doctor once you experience some of its symptoms. It’s better to know what you can do now before it gets too late.