Velvet Deer Antler Extracts

Deer Antler Velvet Demand On The Rise

People use deer velvet as medicine for a wide range of health problems.

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Kiss Your Gout Pain Goodbye with Deer Velvet Antler

In the 1960’s, Deer Velvet Antler has been used to treat erectile dysfunction. Today, due to many research and clinical studies, it has became popular as one of the most effective products that can not just serve as a supplement, but can also treat various illnesses.

Based on various velvet deer antler testimonials, the product is not just effective for an enhanced athletic and bodybuilding performance, but is also great in the treatment of disorders and diseases such as gout.

What is Gout?

Gout is one of the most painful forms of inflammation related to Arthritis that mostly affects men 40 years old and above. It’s a metabolic condition that occurs as a result of (1) over-accumulation of urate crystals that the body can’t immediately excrete and (2) over-production of uric acid that may be from foods or medicines that are high in purines.

In the US, up to 3 million people suffer from gout. It’s most common in individuals who drink too much alcohol or those who have a family history of the said health condition. Some of its classic signs are the following:

  • Sudden acute pain mostly at night (usually start in big toe joint, but could still start in different joints such as the knees or ankles)
  • Extreme tenderness and swelling in the joint
  • Limited movement of the affected joint
  • Discomfort


Conventional drugs are used to treat gout. However, because these medicines have some serious side effects, more people prefer to control their condition the natural way. One of the most popular natural treatment for gout is deer velvet antler. Its ingredients that includes calcium and glycosamino glycans among others, contributes to relieving inflammation and joint support.

Gout can also be treated through lifestyle and diet changes. Weight-loss and limiting your intake of alcohol as well as avoiding food high in purines (e.g. mussels, yeast, sardines) can greatly help to prevent gout from attacking. Velvet antler is also used by many as a diet supplement as it provides all the nutrients that your body requires.


Gout is a very painful condition. Once you’ve experienced gout pain, it’s pretty sure that you wouldn’t want to experience it again. Don’t just endure the pain. Have a healthy lifestyle and get the safest treatments and don’t let gout affect the quality of your life.